We are focused on opening portals

The Knightsbridge Metaverse Studio focuses on opening portals to digital spaces for our partners by providing a seamless pipeline for digital twin generation and enhanced content production systems, resulting in a presence in the different virtual online worlds

The Knightsbridge Metaverse Forge – focuses on opening portals and creating connections between the digital and physical. A continuous pipeline of development allowing enhanced digital twins and ongoing content generation, giving projects the ability to create the world of their dreams.

We help companies create and operate their new virtual spaces where they can extend their brand presence, offering, and creativity, maximizing engagement with their clients and employees while reinventing their business verticals.

We help companies, entities and organizations digital, physical and autonomous create and operate their new virtual spaces where they can extend, enhance and engage their users – be they customers, employees, clients or much more.

Knightsbridge Metaverse offering helps clients harness next generation strategies, tools, and on/off chain technologies to create and connect virtual worlds for industrial, workplace, enterprise, and consumer contexts.

The Knightsbridge Metaverse offerings and tools, designed and produced by teams with extensive experience in game, blockchain and software development – and further enhanced with specialists such as data and behavioral scientists to create tools for industrial, workplace, enterprise and consumer applications.

Our new Studio provides a virtual destination, an innovation space where Knightsbridge professionals and clients can develop and test break-through capabilities that leverage virtual worlds powered by enabling technologies (e.g., AI, blockchain, IOT, AR/VR, 5G) that require the most advanced computational infrastructure and skills.



“avoid word new” – new in developer speak means “inexperienced”



Knightsbridge Unlimited Reality offering allows clients to explore, and even simulate, cross-industry Artificial Intelligence to accelerate the innovation cycle.

Why this matters

Knightsbridge is designed to help clients understand and capitalize on the next massive wave disrupting business and society, and to equip executives with the strategies, tools and technologies they need to fully exploit virtual worlds and virtual economies.

It provides guidance for businesses on how to transform industrial operations through physically-accurate digital twins, to monetize digital assets and engage customers using Web3 architectures, and to imagine and optimize new workplace models that combine humans and machines. The studio’s name is a reference to the tenth dimension.

In theoretical physics, the tenth and final dimension captures the unlimited possibility of the universe in a single point, much like the promise of virtual worlds does for clients. 

Unlock the value of virtual worlds

As organizations look to take advantage of virtual worlds and the opportunities they present, Knightsbridge can help clients explore these virtual worlds inside the studio, in the real world, and in the context of their businesses, providing a range of benefits that include:

Working alongside the designers and architects of virtual worlds, learning the new generation of creative tools, and simulation technologies that enable Unlimited Realities.

Creating hyper-realistic, physically-accurate digital twins that simulate natural environments, physical structures, industrial operations, transportation networks, including the humans and robots and AI agents working inside them, to accelerate design and planning cycles for all business paradigms.

Building shared virtual experiences that convene audiences for collaborative work, recreation, or education through AR/VR or mixed reality.

Exploring virtual world economies where transactions in digital currencies and assets will power an explosion of virtual services, experiences, and goods.

Enabling virtual world strategies that maximize positive impact on the planet, advancing client’s environment, social and corporate governance initiatives.

Knightsbridge encapsulates across the innovation life cycle to help organizations take a virtual world use case from an idea to commercialization.